AI in Cold Chain Supply: What future beholds…

The latest of AI technology replicates human intelligence in machines. The ability to adapt to changing social discourse, is the new boom in this field of innovation.

“Hey Siri, what time is my lunch with the client?”
“Hey Siri, is the amazon package xyz coming today or tomorrow?”
“Hey Siri, can you please email the client regarding the delay of the shipment?”

Siri is a form of AI entering our daily life. If not already, Artificial Intelligence will soon enter the biotech industry. Cold-chain supply shipments require careful measuring and monitoring of its content’s temperature, pressure, tilt level, tamper detection, and much more. Even the slightest change in the variables can lead to the vain output of the product.

From the warehouse to the delivery station, AI can be integrated to enhance each stage’s productivity and cost-effectiveness.

In the warehouse, AI can perform visual inspection process, where it scans images of the shipment, to ensure no damage has been done to the packages that are going to be transported.

To minimize such damage and ensure quick delivery of products from first mile to last mile, cloud-based platforms can be set up allowing access to all stakeholders (consumers, manufactures, delivery heads) for sensor data of the shipment. The AI will be performing comprehensive analysis and provides info to the end user about the product (basic manufacturing information, safety compliances). Manufactures will be able to take instant measures form smart devices/ control panel. Furthermore, AI can analyze the cost-data sheets to create a magical bridge for suppliers to enhance their supply chain management productivity. (‘Morgan’).

AI technology will further provide instantaneous route changes to the destination for the quickest route available and for the time/ day the shipment should be moved according to different requirements for each drug/ food product and weather conditions. AI is a novel technology in today’s world that can save billions of dollars; however, if this gold coin is not shined regularly, it can lose its value.

By-Anoushka Kabra, Intern at Lifeplan Technical Solutions.
Morgan, Blake. “5 Examples Of How AI Can Be Used Across The Supply Chain.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 19 Sept. 2018,