How implementing blockchain in supply chain will change the landscape of pharmaceuticals?

It’s all about process, reliability and efficiency. The cold chain supply industry is implementing the state of the art technology in the supply process for the clients to be assured of the quality of the products. Blockchain, along with a cocktail of other technology such as AI and IOT, ensures a seamless and trustworthy supply. Blockchain is a complicated term that we hear every day, but ignore to understand it’s applications. We complement it to bitcoin and transfer of money, but we do not understand it’s power. By using blockchain in supply models for cold chain, we are able to create a secure documentation of storage temperatures at every mile (from manufacturer to end user).

Blockchain does not only provide a secure transmission of data, but also is used in delivery tracking, with the help of mobile management tools. Using cloud- based platform to track their own products, various stakeholders (consumers, manufacturers, delivery heads) can have access to different levels of data of their product’s supply… “Factors such as current shipment location and proof of delivery are verified in real time by the different stakeholders. This ensures accurate delivery tracking, quality control and perhaps most importantly, customer satisfaction.” (Blockchain)

A diamond architecture of visibility is created- with every aspect of the delivery of cold chain products being scrutinized. However, even these diamonds have scars. Wi-Fi, radio waves and Bluetooth , like all other waves, have limited range and provide limited data over a period of time. To track prodigious amounts of data at all times (real-time) – when access to internet is seemingly impossible- a different technology needs to be implemented such as connection to the optic fibres of old age that transmitted telephonic data. Other LPWAN technology can be used in certain countries where internet is available even in the slightest of forms.

The cold chain supply industry is on a highway to solve all these implications and provide a cost effective solution for an unbroken cold chain.

By- Anoushka Kabra
Lifeplan Technical Solutions 

“Blockchain for Your Cold Chain: Here’s How It Works.” NuDeliverIt , 6 June 2018, .
Photo credit: source-truth